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 Attention Students :AS of 7/14/17 NEW 30 Hour Certificates are in the system, reflecting the new license # 362238884. If you find that you have an issue with your certifcate, please request more downloads, then reprint it.  Simply pick up the phone or email,EDWARDSAVIOZDTS@COMCAST.NET or call or text (610) 490-1922.






Click To Take Course Demo Thank  you for choosing the Edward Savioz Driver Training School. We are here to help you learn driver's education. For your convenience, we offer a variety of different training courses to suit your needs. Our training school will provide all inquires with exceptionally friendly customer service. 

  • Approved by the PA Dept. of Education. Our school is approved to provide you with a 30-Hour Classroom Online Theory Course, as well as on the Road Training Classes.
  • 30-Hour Online Theory Course. Complete this course from home, school or even the library. How fast you complete the program is up to the participant. Students will learn a variety of topics, from safe driving skills, road signs, to the dangers of drug and alcohol use.
  • 6-Hour Behind the Wheel Training Class. Parallel parking, highways, back roads, and even major intersections are only a few of the many skills that all students will master. We are open 7 days a week and provide flexible hours. Call 610-490-1922 to make an appointment.
  • Pre-Road PennDot Test Course. This course includes an hour of practice right before the drivers test. The instructor will go over the actual PennDot driving course, brush up on existing skills, like parallel parking and the important functions of the car.
  • Parallel Parking Specialists. All students will learn quick and easy techniques to make parallel parking less frustrating.
  • 30-Hour Completion Certificates. They often provide a discount when given to the participant's insurance company (check with your insurance company).
  • Late Model Subaru Legacy. Our midsized cars have dual controls. Updated safety features include daytime running lights, all wheel drive and 8 air bags surround each student.
  • Exceptional Pricing. The Online Theory Course is priced at $111.33 plus tax for a total of $118.00. On the Road Training Courses are $65.00 per hour for a 6 hour package, or $70.00 dollars per hour for a non-package rate. Save $30.00 when you by the  6 hour package.

Call us for more information or to speak with our office manager.We are a home-based business, on the day of service we send an agent to YOUR scheduled location. Please respect our private property, do not show up unannounced.

ALERT PA STUDENTS : Our school "Pioneered" the county's first 30 Hour Online Classroom. We are an Authorized Online School licensed by the Department of Education in the state of Pennsylvaina, to receive your valid completion certificate.

OUTSIDE PA CUSTOMERS : Get your completion certificate in any state through our course.

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"...for the Edward Savioz Driver Training School! The lessons were amazing and I learned so much so fast!"

"The Edward Savioz Driver Training School provided service that was unbelievable. The driver was always courteous and on time. I would recommend him to anyone!"

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"Driving is a privilege and not a right. This privilege comes with many responsibilities, to the safety of yourself, your family and all of the others sharing the road."

-PA Driver's Manual, 1995