Learning to Drive

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The Edward Savioz Driver Training School offers custom courses for all students throughout the Delaware County area. Students can also arrange for training on a one-time or ongoing basis. Call for more information.

Students will need to master many skills to pass their drivers test. The Edward Savioz Driver Training School allows students to concentrate on one or many skills. Students can try all or one of the following:

  • Highway Training, Lane Changing, Back Roads Training, Merging, On & Off Ramps
  • Basic Traffic Laws, Intersections, 50 ft backup, Perpendicular and Parallel parking
  • Practicing the Driver's Test, Maintaining Speed Guidelines, Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Special Requests, Basic Car Care, Refueling the Car, Handling Drive Thru Windows

Please check out our ad in the Verizon Super Pages and the Yellow Book. You can also call the Edward Savioz Driver Training School for more information on course availability, schedules, and prices.

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The Edward Savioz Driver Training School is dedicated to providing the best training and that means that we are experts on driving.

  Learning to drive takes practice

"Learning to drive takes practice. With driving lessons from our school, we can help you become a safe, independent driver"

-Edward Savioz, Owner
"Whether your driving along a sunny country road or stuck in a snarl of city traffic, the responsibility for operating your car safely is yours. The right driver's education program will help you meet that responsibility"

-Responsible Driving, American Automobile Association